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Office of the University Registrar
Lucas Administrative Center 301
Nunn Drive
Highland Heights, KY 41099
(859) 572-5556
fax (859) 572-6094
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Marla Herron University Registrar  
Lisa Fetter Administrative Secretary
Angela Calhoun Director of Registrar Services
Lee Amundsen Assistant Registrar for Graduation and Consortium
Tammy Camm Assistant Registrar for Graduation
Vacant Assistant Registrar for Catalog, Curriculum and Document Imaging  
Emily Jasinski Assistant Registrar for Athletic Certification and Graduation
Vacant Manager of Registrar Services  
Janis Reynolds Assistant to the Registrar for Course and Room Scheduling
Cheryl McClain Course and Room Scheduling Coordinator
Vacant Veterans Certification and Transcript Coordinator
Beth Vasquez Document Imaging and Curriculum Coordinator
Whitney Costner Degree Audit, Data Quality and Testing Coordinator
Stephanie Wittenstrom Student Records Specialist and Veterans Certification
Randy Kowolonek Customer Service Specialist
Shauna Ryan Customer Service Specialist